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INERTA 50 is an installation for purification (post-treatment) of inert gases (argon, neon, helium, krypton, xenon) from oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, as well as moisture.

The operation of the device for the purification of argon and other inert gases "Inerta 50" is based on the process of high-temperature destruction of oxygen-containing, hydrogen-containing, as well as carbon and nitrogen-containing compounds with their subsequent absorption by temperature-activated sorbents and molecular sieves.

The device is intended for the preparation of gases used in technological installations and rooms, sealed chambers (boxes), gas chromatographs, emission and absorption spectrometers and other research and production equipment with high requirements for the quality of an inert gas used as: a protective environment for a plasma-forming, sample-carrying or shielding gas.

Features of the argon purification device Inerta 50

  • High reliability due to the design with a traditional "safety margin" for all systems.
  • Automatic protection against abnormal situations due to operator errors, depressurization of the input or output lines, power failure and other abnormal situations.
  • Compact floor-standing design with caster wheels and ergonomic controls.
  • Indication of all operating modes on the built-in high-contrast display.
  • Long resource of cartridges with sorbents with automatic accounting of resource in terms of volume and quality of purified gas.
  • Short delivery time.
  • Does not require a visit of a specialist for commissioning.
  • Easily replaceable consumable absorbent cartridges.
  • Reasonable initial cost and economy in operation due to long resource of sorbent cartridges.
  • Low level of heat loss.
  • Complete with wheels for easy movement and feet for stationary installation.

INERTA 50 provides a deep degree of purification of inert gases (Argon, Helium, Neon, Krypton) thanks to a highly efficient three-stage system for the absorption of impurity substances. The residual level of inert gas contamination at the outlet is less than 1 ppm.

There is a possibility of supplying INERTA 50 in a version for nitrogen purification. In this case, the absorber cartridge, which is responsible for cleaning the gas from nitrogen and oxygen, is replaced by an absorber cartridge, which removes only oxygen from the gas.

Photo: Inerta 50 inert gas purification (post-treatment) unit as part of a complex with an Iskroline 100 emission spectrometer.

Specifications Dimensions


Characteristic Meaning
Temperature control range in absorption reactors 200-750°C
Time of establishment of the operating mode 30 minutes.
Temperature control Microprocessor control with temperature control accuracy +/- 1 ̊С
Ambient operating temperature 0 to + 40 ° C
Working gas consumption Up to 30 l / min
Operating pressure Up to 10 atm.
Removed impurities oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, moisture
Power supply 230 +/- 10% V, 50 Hz
Power consumption Not more than 2000 VA
Furnace dimensions height - 1000 mm; width - 400 mm; depth - 600 mm
Net weight No more than 80 kg

Note: when using a device for additional purification of dirtier welding, for example, argon "B" (99.95% argon and 0.05% contaminants) to the level of spectrally pure 99.998% argon (99.998% argon and 0.002% contaminants) significantly ( more than an order of magnitude), the resource of absorbing cartridges decreases. As a result, the profitability of the installation is significantly reduced. Please note that the given example is by no means a recommendation for the use of this grade of argon, but only illustrates the irrationality of using welding argon for spectral analysis in conjunction with argon post-treatment units!


Oven dimensions Inerta 50 (L x W x H, mm): 940 x 400 x 590

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