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Iskroline 500

Mobile spark emission spectrometer with CLR excitation source in argon atmosphere.

The main advantage of a mobile spectrometer is the ability to measure the composition of alloys not only in laboratory conditions on specially prepared samples, but also directly in a workshop or warehouse without sawing a product or workpiece.

Features of the mobile spectrometer Iskroline 500

  • The presence of a remote probe.
  • The ability to analyze large-sized items.
  • The ability to analyze rolled metal and other blanks without preliminary cutting.
  • Complies with GOST standards for spectral analysis methods.
  • Versatility - can replace a stationary spectrometer.
  • For non-ferrous and ferrous alloys
  • Determination of more than 70 chemical elements (including sulfur, phosphorus and carbon, nitrogen, tin, arsenic, boron, etc.).
  • Automatic brand detection
  • Touch screen
  • Automatic transfer to power supply from the internal battery when the power supply is disconnected.
  • Long battery life.
Description Specifications Metrological characteristics Dimensions


When developing the ISKROLINE 500 mobile spectrometer, we set the task: to create a device that, in terms of consumer and metrological characteristics, would be on a par with the best samples of foreign mobile spectrometers, came close to a stationary desktop spectrometer and could replace it in solving most of the analytical tasks of incoming inspection, while being a mobile spectrometer and having all the advantages of devices of this class. In addition, it was very important to create a device that meets the requirements of GOST standards for methods of spectral analysis. In our opinion, we have coped with this task.

Iskroline 500 is capable of solving not only incoming inspection tasks, but also performing tasks such as, for example, controlling the chemical composition during the melting process. The device can be placed in a laboratory, connected to an additional monitor, keyboard and mouse (for convenience) and used as a stationary spectrometer. At the same time, it remains a mobile device. If necessary, it can be easily moved on a trolley to a workshop, warehouse or other site and measure the chemical composition of the product, the analysis of which cannot be carried out on a stationary device in the laboratory.

Iskroline 500 is a measuring instrument and is included in the State Register of Measuring Instruments of the Russian Federation and other countries.

Any spectral lines in the range of 167 nm - 435 nm are available for the construction of analytical methods. The design of the spectrographs excludes "dead zones" in the working spectral range.

Structurally, the device consists of the following units:

  • case with an integrated keyboard with touchpad and a monitor with a touch screen integrated into the lid;
  • built-in rechargeable battery for autonomous operation;
  • power supply and switching system;
  • industrial computer;
  • main spectrograph;
  • CRL discharge generator;
  • a remote probe with an additional argon-blown UV spectrograph for the analysis of sulfur, phosphorus, carbon and other chemical elements (boron, molybdenum, tungsten, silicon, etc.) with the main analytical lines in the range of 167 - 205 nm.).

The device has a large reserve of battery life, the battery is charged automatically when the device is connected to the mains (regardless of whether the device is turned on or not).

A specially designed CRL discharge generator is optimized in terms of dimensions, weight and noise immunity. Security systems: unlock and start buttons on the remote probe prevent accidental activation of a claim discharge without a test; An oversized Emergency Stop button (located on the front panel) cuts off the power supply to the generator in the event of an abnormal situation.

The main (long-wave) spectrograph is made according to the original, standard for spectrometers of the ISKROLINE series, technology, which provides an unsurpassed quality of adjustment and temperature stability. CCD detectors are used as light receivers.

An (optional) UV spectrograph is located in the remote probe, on one CCD detector. In total, for spectrum registration in the ISKROLINE 500 model, from 6 to 9 CCD detectors are used, depending on the modification.

The spectrometer operates under the well-proven and familiar Iskroline 100 and Iskroline 300 spectrometers with PPM Pro software with an interface optimized for the use of a touch screen.


Description of characteristics Feature value
Power supply 230 ± 23 V 50 ± 2 Hz
Power consumption, no more, VA during spark burning, no more, VA 200 600
Overall dimensions, length, width, height, mm, no more 290х470х560
Spectrometer mass, kg, no more 34,7
Integrated battery weight, kg, no more 2,8
Remote probe weight, kg, no more 1,3
Remote UV probe weight, kg, no more 1,85
Remote probe cable length, m 3
Average service life, not less, years 7
Mean time between failures, not less, h 9000
Operating conditions: temperature range, ° C atmospheric pressure range, kPa relative humidity range,% at t = 25 ° C +5 - +35 84,0 - 106,7 20 - 80


Description of characteristics Feature value
Measurement range of mass fractions of elements,% 0,001 – 99,90
Limits of detection of alloying and impurity elements (carbon, chromium, manganese, titanium, silicon, nickel, copper, vanadium) according to the "3σ" criterion, when analyzing steels,% 0,001
The limits of the permissible relative standard deviation of the output signal of the spectrometer in the mode of measuring the relative intensities,% - in the range of mass fractions of elements over 0.001% to 0.01% - in the range of mass fractions of elements over 0.010% to 0.10% - in the range of mass fractions of elements over 0 , 10% to 1.0% - in the range of mass fractions of elements over 1.0% to 99.90% 30,0 10,0 5,0 1,0
The lower limit of the spectral range, no more, nm 167 190 (on request)
The upper limit of the spectral range, not less, nm 435 580 (on request)
Spectral resolution, at a wavelength of Fe 194.838, not worse, nm 0,038
Number of CCDs, pcs 6-9
Registration system: - duration of one frame, s - number of frames 0.004 – 60 1 – 500
Time for setting the operating mode, no more, min 25

* - the maximum concentrations of impurity elements determined on Iskroline spectrometers are practically unlimited, since the content of elements is determined at once on several analytical lines of the determined element of high and low intensity (ie, on “strong” and “weak” lines). The use of “weak” lines just expands the dynamic range of measurements upward in concentrations by hundreds and thousands of times.


Dimensions of the mobile spectrometer Iskroline 500 (L x W x H, mm): 290 x 470 x 560

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